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It offers the same construction and advanced technology as the top of the line adl3, with a package of features. Opening a file a sample motec project is available in the download section. View and download extech instruments sdl200 user manual online. Individual cylinder tuning of both fuel delivery and ignition timing.

The sdl can be purchased as a displayonly dash or as a combined dash logger with an impressive 8mb of memory, and because each unit has data logging capability built in, displayonly sdls can be upgraded at any time via password, allowing customers to take advantage of motecs data acquisition expertise at their convenience. The pdm requires the mating connector to be wired to it. View and download gtec zp120lcd user manual online. In most cases it is preferable to use the latest released software. Can bus wiring requirements motec esdl3 user manual page. Configured with an applemac pro running windows xp in a vmware fusion 3 window via an ethernet cable it is a very. Note that a display only version of the sdl is also available this manual covers. Motec latest news motec raises the bar with new sdl3. Your search for home north dakota state government. Detailed wiring information is available in the user manual at. Motec ecu motec dash user manual for connection with.

Motec ecu motec dash user manual for connection with ecu. Extech instruments sdl200 user manual pdf download. Where teams have other motec dashes such as adl, adl2, adl3 or sdl these can also be used with the m170. Motec discover our range of camera monitor systems. Dash motec sdl3 upgrade logging upgrade from 16mb to 120mb. Racegrade motorsport keypad page 9 dash input setup the keypad buttons may also be received on the vehicle can bus by any other device such as the dash logger.

Motec congratulates all drivers and teams of the fia truckracing championship 20 on their spectacular races and highspeed pursuits. Motec camera monitor systems are designed for rough working conditions and for continuous use in all weather sturdy, reliable, individual. Striking in design and powerful in functionality, the c125 offers display, data logging, auxiliary control and programmable leds all in one compact device. Motec sdl3 dash the sport dash logger sdl3 comes standard as a combined display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit.

Teams who wish to use stock or third party dashes may do so but there will be an engineering fee to address the integration of these units with the m170 ecu. Read online or download owners manuals and user guides for motec. Connecting motec devices to vbox video hd2 racelogic. In order to enable the motec function race data acquisition needs to be set to 1. Product information for motec manufactured products can be found in the brochures while the complete product range including all accessories is listed in the catalogue. In addition, the motec sdl3 has many engine sensors that have nothing to do with suspension or our discussion here. Gtr2 motec i2 pro beginners guide by peter munkholm issuu. Motec here you can find quick help with any problem. Motec introduction 1 introduction the c187 comes standard as a combined 7 full colour display, powerful control device and fully programmable data logger with 250 mb memory 500 optional. Motec appendices 69 glossary motec devices acl advanced central logger adl2 advanced dash logger second generation adl3 advanced dash logger third generation br2 beacon receiver btx beacon transmitter cim computer interface module cls central logging system dbw4 drive by wire expander e816 inputoutput expander e888 inputoutput expander i2.

For full details, please see our data protection and privacy policy. Detailed technical information can be found in the datasheets and user manuals. Can bus wiring requirements the can bus should consist of a twisted pair trunk with 100r 0. Motec introduction 1 introduction thank you for purchasing a motec sdl dash logger. To start the program after installation, click the dash manager icon on the desktop or click start all programs motec sdl3 sdl3 dash manager motec installation updating dash manager software software updates are available free of charge, giving access to the latest features. Aug 02, 2011 just messing with the setup of a motec sdl3 dash and an slm shift light module. Like its predecessor this new model is a fully programmable display, controller and sophisticated data logger, all in one compact, robust device. The antireflective, high contrast display is clear and vibrant in direct. Microsoft word medtech gms adjustment tool training guide author. Ltd, 121 merrindale drive, croydon south, victoria 36, australia. The screen layout is configurable via motecs sdl3 dash manager software, which now offers three pages for practice, warmup and race so drivers can choose the most relevant parameters to display during each instance.

The sdl3 performs calculations, acquiring data from other motec devices such as an. Heres why charging an electric car can suck and its not the reason you think. Over those years motec has built a reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology and high performance products that exceed expectations. Motec dash adl3 with cnc protector full logging ideal for expanding inputs to motec devices. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. This is where you will find a collection of various motec and racegrade data sheets, user manuals and other technical documents. Instructions on how to complete the upload to the hd2 unit can be found here. Use a motec utc usb to can adapter to connect the pc to the pdm.

M4, m48, m8, m84, m400, m600, m800 and m880 motec accessories. Note that there is a limit to the number of files you can download. Pro analysis option advanced analysis features in the interpreter software, including. Sdl the motec sdl dash logger is a combined lcd dash unit and high performance data logger. It offers the same construction and advanced technology as the top of the line adl3, with a. User manual and software latest versions available from. Datasheet part 14103 motec published 28 november 2014 3 pinout connectora connectorb 34 pin waterproof connector 26 pin waterproof connector mating connector. Motec interpreter is an advanced analysis tool to assist in unloading of logged data from motec products and for quick, efficient data analysis and display. By exporting replays to a usb device as motec i2 pro logged data, you will be able to graph this data on a pc and analyse the performance of your driving and your car. The usb cable should have a type b socket so that a standard usb a to b cable can be used to connect between it and the pc. The sdl3 dash manager operating software is included and updates are available via the website at no cost, giving users access to the latest features for the life.

Options summary the following options are available. Stamp office manual for land and property transactions prior. The real power of the motec system is in its i2 pro software. Price list updated 23 nov 2018 retail number description inc gst. To keep up to date with the latest software you can subscribe to our mailing list and we will send you a message when new software is released. These user manuals and guides provide information on how to use various products, software or. Motec can provide a suitable cable these are not commonly available. Follow the instructions on the installshield wizard 5.

An ethernet rj45 socket, connecting to a standard ethernet cable, is provided on. Especially satisfying is the fact that both, the winner of the drivers title as well as the winner of the team title, were equipped with motec cameras. Motec ecus m150, m170, m190, m142, m182, m400, m600, m800, m880, m84 note. Data may also be retrieved from alternate file formats and converted to motec log data, for users migrating from alternate data acquisition systems contact motec for details. Motec minimum time20 minimum motec recording time sec motec multiple logs1 generate unique filename for each new log 2. By visiting motec, you agree to the use of cookies. Kaup australia pty ltd 511 helium street 4504 narangba qld australia. Ecu, other dash logger and input expander modules, which enable it to. The first time motec is run select open an existing project and browse to c. You can scroll the list of channels id 1 in communication setup panel and pressing each time change it is possible to check the setting of all id. Such growth has brought with it a diverse range of customers and a wide array of vehicles, encouraging the constant expansion of motec product capabilities and support expertise. The motec i2 pro program is installed as part of the initial game install. Motec lap beacon br2 interpreter data analysis software sensor details drawings are available for all motec sensors and can be found on the motec resource cd included with the sdl or on the motec website at. Simply click the title of the pdf youd like to download.

In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. The image here below shows the correct settings of all ids. With the addition of the data logging upgrades it becomes a fully programmable data logger with 16 or 120 mb memory. Just messing with the setup of a motec sdl3 dash and an slm shift light module. Each button features a custom icon representing its function and three led indicators to provide feedback to the user. Usb wiring the usb connection should be made by wiring a usb cable to the sdl main connector as shown below.

Below is a picture of the receive template settings for a motec dash logger. Please fill out all required fields before submitting your information. This unit is suitable for speed, position and lap timing. Note that a display only version of the sdl is also available. The latest versions of motec software, including software for archived products. With the addition of a data logging upgrade it becomes a fully programmable data logger with 16 mb or 120 mb memory see dash logger upgrades. The racegrade motorsport keypad is a fully customized keypad designed specifically for your vehicle. Motec introduction 1 introduction sdl3 sport dash logger the sdl3 is a combined sophisticated display and powerful control device in one lightweight unit. The replay data in gran turismo 6 is compatible with motecs i2 pro data analysis software. Motec introduction 1 introduction thank you for purchasing a motec central logging system. The slm includes 8 leds that can be programmed to any colour.

Windows based ecu manager tuning software with user definable screen layouts. With provision for up to 48 userdefined warning alarms, the digital dash is an invaluable tool in the cockpit. Your search for home north dakota state government nd. Export data for motec i2 pro replay gran turismo6 manual. The adl3 performs calculations, acquiring data from other motec devices such as an ecu, dash logger and several vim input modules, which enable it to log more than 300 inputs.

Slm shift light module the motec slm shift light module can be used for shift lights, warning lights and other information lights. Compatible with c125 c185 acl adl3, adl2 sdl3, sdl by request. These old versions of software should only be used if, for example, you need to communicate with a product that contains an old firmware version and you do not want to upgrade the firmware. Keypads are available in eight and fifteen button models.

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